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Recording claims

claimmaker is ideal when you need to claim for time and cost

especially when want to do it spontaneously from your smartphone and want to send the results immediately to your expert advisor or home office.

With claimmaker you can record events from your smartphone

for completion on a PC later, you can travel around, making surveys and then return to the office.

Make claims for projects

  • We are often asked how do projects get late?
  • we say one day at a time.
  • We get asked what is critical?
  • we say that all unfinished work is critical.
  • So we are asked what can be done?
  • the answer is to claim for time and costs, giving lots of reasons.
  • The problem is how will you be believed?
  • we believe the answer is to take lots of photos.
  • What else do you need with the photos?
  • then we suggest a good story is written.